Doctor of Philosophy

Award of the Degree


Subject to this By-laws, a candidate may be awarded the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Herein after referred to as FGS) of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts Sri Lanka (Herein after referred to as UVPA), Colombo, he/she has:


  • been a registered student of the UVPA (FGS) in the respective period as
  • to adhere the rules and regulations of this By-law and the other rules, regulations and policies of the
  • earned the appropriate number of credits mentioned by the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (Herein after referred to as SLQF) and defended a thesis on a topic approved by the Boards of Study (Herein after referred to as BOS) in the respective Faculties, Board of Graduate Studies (Herein after referred to as BOGS), Senate and the satisfaction of the Board of Evaluation/Examination.
  • paid such fees (dues) to the FGS of UVPA, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


  • fulfilled all the requirements prescribed by this By-law and the rules and regulations of the UVPA, mentioned under the degree for which he/she has registered.

1. A Master of Philosophy Degree, or
2. A Master’s Degree, or
3. A Bachelor’s Honours Degree of Level 6 with a minimum GPA of 3.0 at a scale of 0-4, with or without a qualifying examination as determined by the academic authority of HEI., or
4. A holder of Bachelor’s Degree Honours of Level 6 who has registered to follow a MPhil degree may be upgraded to PhD level after a minimum period of one year provided that his/her research competencies are of exceptional merit, or
5. A Bachelor’s Degree of level 5 with a minimum GPA of 3 in the scale of 0-4 and successful completion of a qualifying examination which will be conducted after completion of 30 credits equivalent to SLQF 6 in the same or related field and register to follow an MPhil degree may be upgraded to PhD level after a minimum period of one year provided that his/her research competencies are of exceptional merit2’

Source: Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework


6. It is compulsory to complete and submit the certification of the ‘Short Course on Research in Visual and Performing Arts’ offered by the FGS at the UVPA or any other equivalent qualification obtained from a recognized University or Higher Educational Institution/Institution. (Only for the applicants who are not completed or obtained any kind of considerable degree or Postgraduate Diploma with Research)

7. Portfolio (maximum of 15 pages) should be submitted. This should highlight the applicant’s key achievements in the field of research and creative practice.


Under special circumstances, an applicant without an institutional qualification, but with Outstanding Research, Artistic and Professional qualifications may be considered for admission for Doctor of Philosophy. The candidate should submit a portfolio (maximum of 15 pages) along with a full resume and other relevant certificates: subordinate documents and awards to the FGS. The BOGS will be appointed two examiners for evaluating the portfolio. Applicant’s eligibility and decision of two examiners will be forwarded to the BOGS for recommendation and to the Senate for final approval. Applicants who are not having sufficient, considerable and justifiable outstanding research experience are compulsory to adhere to the regulation mentioned under 6.

Minimum period of three years fulltime research – Maximum period of six years

The MPhil applicants should submit a research proposal consisting of 2000 words Candidates should consult his/her thesis supervisor(s) prior to the final submission of the research proposal.

Documentation and the Organizational structure of the Research Proposal

  1. Topic of the Research
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Literature Review
  5. Research Problem and Hypothesis
  6. Objectives and significance of the Research
  7. The Specific Research Methodology(ies) in relevant to the Research Area or Subject Area
  8. Implications
  9. Limitations of the Research
  10. Ethical concerns
  11. Research Plan
  12. Chapter Breakdown
  13. Bibliography
  14. An Appendix (if necessary)


 Once the proposal is submitted, it is reviewed by two academics nominated by the BOS of the respective faculties. Reviewers shall provide two review reports according to double blind process.

 The review report shall provide whether the candidate can be registered as MPhil candidate or the proposal needs further amendments and refinements for the next step of consideration.

 After the completion of the revisions of the research proposal according to the comments of the reviewers, the candidate is required to present a seminar with necessary illustrations to obtain following approvals. (01.Topic approval and 02. Research proposal in one seminar)

The levels of the considerations of seminar for approval of the topic* for MPhil students
• Pass
• Pass with minor correction (No need to appear for another seminar presentation-should re submit the seminar paper within one month)
• Pass with major correction (Should appear for another seminar presentation- should re submit the revised seminar paper within two months)
• Fail: should appear for another seminar presentation as a fresh
If the revised submissions are not complied with the due dates, the candidate has to face for the seminar again and considered it as a reattempt.

The effective date of the registration is the payment date of the first installment.

The proposal should be accompanied with an ‘Ethical Clearance Certificate’ if necessary4 obtained from the Ethics Review Committee at FGS or any other recognized committee at university level.

  • Registration
  • All applications for MPhil must be submitted to the office of the FGS. The Evaluation, Acceptance and Recommendation to be done by the BOS of the relevant faculty, specially assigned according to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Ordinance No.05 of 2020 and subsequent amendments thereto .
  • The first seminar to be presented for approval of the Topic as well as Research Proposal by the candidate and decision of the seminar is forwarded for the consideration of the BOGS and for the approval of the Senate of the UVPA prior to the registration.
  • Once the consideration and formal offer is received from the BOGS, the applicant is required to make the 01st instalment of payment to confirm his/her registration.
  • The first installment should be paid within one month from the BOGS approval. All the candidates are requested to handle their payments through online. The effective date of registration will be the date of first installment.
  • The candidate must continue his/her registration accordingly by paying the next instalment fee within the first 03 months of the respective academic year.The first three months of the each academic year to be calculated on the basis of date of registration. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she will remain continuously registered.
  • Violation of the Bylaws of the FGS and the other rules, regulations and policies of the university, in any means may caused to the termination of the candidature.


  • Cancellation of Registration
  • Failure to make the registration fee and the other relevant payments according to the time frame mentioned in the fees schedule.
  • Failure to complete the course within the approved maximum time limit of the registration.
  • Not submitting 02 consecutive progress reports.
  • In-completion of the first seminar to be presented for approval of the Topic as well as Research Proposal.
  • In-completion of second seminar to be presented comprising with the Literature Review within the first year of the candidature.
  • Maximum number of three attempts per seminar is granted.
  • In the judgment of the Supervisor and the BOS of the relevant faculty, if the performance of the candidate is consistently unsatisfactory for a period of twelve months from the date of first registration, the BOGS shall recommend to the Senate to cancel the candidature.


  • Withdrawal from the Degree programme
  • If MPhil candidate wishes to withdraw from the postgraduate degree programme for which he/she is registered, he/she should submit reason(s) in a written document to the Dean of FGS which to be considered at the BOGS. The recommendation/concerns of BOGS to be approved by the Senate.
  • In case of withdrawals, materials belonging to the University to be returned and all pending dues for the relevant year must be paid by the candidate.
  • On special circumstances6 [1]if a candidate wishes to withdraw from the postgraduate degree, which he/she registered within first two months, refunding of course fee to be done by the FGS according to the approved guidelines of refund.
  • If a candidate wishes to re-apply, his/her application will be considered afresh.


  • Postponement of Registration
  • For the postponement of the effective date of the registration of a postgraduate degree programme, a written request to be submitted with justifiable reason(s) and supportive documents to the Dean of the FGS. Such request will be considered on candidate’s merit at the BOGS.
  • Conditions for the postponement
  • Period of one year or less will be granted after consideration.
  • Deferment fee to be applied for a postponement of a candidature.




USD ($)

Registration fee 25 000.00 300.00
Academic fee          240 000.00 3000.00


(1000.00 x 3)


* Students from SAARC Countries are eligible for 40% reduction.

(Fee Per Year x Number of Years) (80 000.00 x 3)
Total Fee*             265 000.00        3300.00
*Applicable Up to 3 Years 3 Years
Other Fees Applicable
Renewal/extension of registration per academic year 15,000.00 500.00

* 40% reduction for

students from
SAARC Countries.
Literature Review Re- attempt of


15,000.00 100.00
PhD 03rd Seminar Re- attempt of examination 15,000.00 100.00
Thesis Re-examination and Viva Fee 40,000.00 400.00
Upgrading of MPhil up to a PhD
Fine for late payments of the academic fee- per late month after the degree period 1500.00 10.00